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    1 Pack pack of 12-13 Classic Signatures

    Went down the the LCS to get some supplies and of course can't leave without getting cards! Of course I should have just saved that money for better things, I do not think it is worth the 30$/pack price point:

    All is FS/FT
    Major PC: Jonathan Toews
    Minor PC:Sasha Banks (WWE), Dylan Larkin, Jack Eichel
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    I'll trade you something for it Gordon...

    Let me know if you see something you like.

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    Not for that name no... though I do love the design! Can't understand the high pricepoint at this product, why? I was thinking about ordering a box but got shocked by the price. IT's only 6 autos per box right? Are they extra limited?

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    Brutal. Panini needs to do a major overhaul on their product pricing. Pretty soon the LCS is going to question even bringing their stuff in when it ends up instantly in the discount bin. With this and the backlash they had on Certified this year that makes 2 lousy products in a row.
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    Classic Signatures will be nice in a year at 90$ per box. Like what happened with Luxury Suite
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    Real great choice of player's for me. Is there a canucks V jersey guy in the set?

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    Quote Originally Posted by odjickfan View Post
    Classic Signatures will be nice in a year at 90$ per box. Like what happened with Luxury Suite
    I think that's roughly what a box should cost NOW.
    #1: Barrasso
    Others: Lemieux, Penguins cards that look good to me
    Need Barrasso ITG Used Nameplates and Crosby NT Base Silver, Gold, Emerald

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    This is bad? All time greats is even worse! $350 for 1 pack with 1 auto! I'll be staying away from both of these.

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