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    Exclamation Fs: Prominence, ultimate, inception hits scans/prices

    I really need you to have at least $7 per order to make it worthwhile, thanks pm me- my RG3 jersey auto /25 is in another thread check it out

    jenkins-$10 dlvd-$8 for code-gone
    jeffery 8/175- $13 dlvd-gone
    Brazill92/499-$5 dlvd-gone
    Adams /299 & Egnew /299- - $4 dlvd

    $7 dlvd /175

    both $5 dlvd each-kalil gone

    Thomas -$5 dlvd
    Adams $4 dlvd
    Graham /50- $4 dlvd

    Adams letter /35 -$15 dlvd
    Herron/Posey /299-$5 dlvd
    Roc-$10 dlvd-gone
    dwyer /699-4 dlvd-gone
    Ford /225-4 dlvd

    Givens-9 dlvd
    Broyles-10 dlvd-gone
    Graham-7 dlvd
    Fleener-5 dlvd-gone
    Toon-$13 dlvd
    Allen-$4 dlvd-gone
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    I will take the Jenkins redemption, Kalil RC and Brazill RC. Post it with paypal.

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    Everything is available except for PC
    Don't like a price, feel free to make an offer!
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    Hey!! I Would Take The Fleener & Dwayne Allen Card's. I'll Pay Ya $10 For Both. I Will Be Mailing Ya Cash WELL Concelled In Bubble Wrapper With DC. If That Would Be Fine Post Us Up A Trade & I'll Mail Out Tommorrow When I Get Home From Work.

    Thanks, John

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    i will take the broyles inception patch auto, post it up if still available
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    I'll take the Alshon Jeffrey for $13 Dlvd. Post it up.
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    cool, confirmed and paid, thanks john
    "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything."

    Nescit cedere

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