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    Willing to sell any cards in my football bucket for 20% less than ebay (including the shipping price), on the most recent sale of the SAME card (MUST BE 10 DAYS OR LESS). Feel free to post what you are interested in. Post a link of the most recent ebay sale of the card and I will post up the trade. Trying to see if this will work. lmk thanks!Must send as paypal gift or I can calculate the additional cost after paypal fees.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wisportsnut77 View Post
    No problem and thanks for the great deal!
    posted thanks.

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    Hey bud, I could do $23 gift on that Julio Jones auto.
    PM me either way. I would also be interested in the Julio and AJ dual. Please lmk via pm. thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by golfermatt91 View Post
    ill take the davis and flacco
    posted thanks for buying.

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    Very successful thus far... BUMP IT UP

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