View Poll Results: Who should be the starting QB for the Jets for the remainder of the season?

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  • Greg McElroy

    11 40.74%
  • Mark Sanchez

    5 18.52%
  • Tim Tebow

    11 40.74%
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    Question Who should be the starting QB for the Jets for the remainder of the season?

    Who should be the starting QB for the Jets for the remainder of the season?
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    They have tebow. They might as well use him. I feel bad for jets fans cause they will stay with sanchez simply cause they married him in the offseason. Regardless of what they do they need to bench sanchez

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    They should bring back JaMarcus Russell and see if there really IS anyone worse than Sanchez
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    All I can say is Sanchez must let Ryan rub his feet at least once a week.

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    McElroy, we already know Sanchize and Tebow stink, might as well see if McElroy has any ability...
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    Bring in one of the fans in attendance???

    I mean can't be any worse can they?

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    i agree with gladdy. they might as well let McElroy take a shot and see what happens. they can still sup tebow in and out as they have been. at least if they lost they would have some sort of excuse why. i wonder what will happen to sanchez and his contract after the season. they're starting to look like the browns have for the last several years.

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    I agree, mac also, but it's not happening this week. Even Tebow before Sanchez

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    Sanchez - Cons: Inconsistent, no team leadership ability, questionable accuracy, poor decision making - Pros: Can't think of any
    Tebow - Cons: Terrible accuracy, no experience starting in the system - Pros: Athleticism, team motivator
    McElroy - Cons: No experience in the NFL - Pros: Everything is unknown until he gets a chance

    For me it is a no-brainer. Start McElroy and see what he has. Maybe he is a career back-up, maybe he is the next Brett Favre, we won't know until he gets to play. The Jets' season is done. At 5-7 it would take a miracle for them to even sniff the playoffs. Toss in McElroy for a game or two and see how he does. Worst case scenario you end up with a higher draft pick.

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    tebow is the only one who has shown that he can him

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