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Thread: Looking to spend $15

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    Looking to spend $15

    On 3-5 cards. Includes S&H. No numbered or anything, game used and autos only.

    I figured since its finals week and I dont feel like buying alcohol, cards are the next best thing!

    Scans only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dxdominator View Post
    if its pp i have this lot
    No thanks.

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    I've got packers gu I've been thinking of selling. CMB under the PC folder and LMK if you like anything. Nelson, Cobb, all kinds of rookie stuff available. I also have LT SP patches in the trade folder.

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    If not sent in reasonable time, I will leave neg. feedback.

    Sorry can't send out of US.

    Trade by BV not SV or who's hot or not this week.

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    I have a Korver Limited card. I need to find out where it is.


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