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    Bloodlines live break!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope to get my bloodlines tomorrow....check back tomorrow for a live break

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    Cant wait i dont have any pre ordered yet But give me dibs on machidas and cormier

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    I think I may have some coming, too...

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    I have 3 cases coming friday but i want them tomorrow. Is there anything you will be looking for? Im thinking of doing the flag parallels of the base.

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    I'm pretty much out of the hobby, I'm just fishing for some Pettis, some will go to private collectors I know and the rest will hit ebay at midnight. The first ones posted always go for a pretty penny so I try to take advantage of the early shipment when/where I can.

    That is if it arrives today. Out of curiousity, whos gonna be here live? If I knew how to broadcast it, I probably would but I'll probably just stick to having some friends over and some people on skype.

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    if anyone hits Tim Kennedy or Brian Stann's please let me know, good luck hudda!

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    Probably do the break at 6-7pm

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