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    What Should I Do if Someone is Trying to Make Me Look Like a Shil Bidder?

    Ok so im selling a few things, there one very pissed off member because he lied to paypal and i ended up winning the case as the seller (for once) about a calculator as he no longer needed it. Have a funny feeling hes screwing with me, and I have a 0 fb member bidding on two of my items. Who knows maybe im wrong and he will pay but i have my doubts.

    Any suggestions?

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    1. Go to eBay Community Help.

    2. Enter into the box - Block Bidder, or Block Buyer.

    3. Enter his eBay User ID. in your master list

    4. Go Back to Community Help.

    5. Type into the box - "Cancel Bid"

    You will be prompted to go to your auctions, or it will take you to your master page. Just find the auctions where he is bidding and cancel all his bids.

    Once you have done this, he cannot access your auctions because you have blocked him, the step before.

    All very simple

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    have never had to cancel a bid, so thank you very much Tim!! appreciate it bud

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    It's really helpful. I had to do this twice in the past week. I cancelled the shill bidder's bid and let the other legit bidder know why one of the prices was going so fast and they were very appreciative. Everyone wins really.

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    You can also block people with FB less than 2.

    Under Account -> Site Preferences -> Buyer Requirements -> Show -> Edit
    You should be able to establish the following limits:
    If Buyers have:
    Have received 2 Unpaid Item strike(s) within 12 Month(s)
    Have 4 Policy Violation report(s) within 6 Month(s)
    Have a feedback score of -1 or lower
    Are currently winning or have bought 2 of my items in the last 10 days and have a feedback score of 5 or lower

    They won't be allowed to bid.


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