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    USPS Online Labels: Pretty Cool, Pretty Cool

    Nice service. I just very conveniently typed in an address and paid using PayPal and out came a USPS shipping label. I know this has been around for a while. What I didn't know was that you save a bit on the transaction. 50 cents off making my $11.35 Medium Flat-Rate cost $10.85 and there is also free Delivery Confirmation which is great.

    My printer/scanner's terrible so I saved the shipping label as a PDF and printed it at school today. Easy!

    My question is kind of a stupid one but here goes: If I have a package ready to be shipped out with this postage, should I/can I cut the post office line and just give it to one of the PO cashiers? Is this considered rude? Is there anything I need to get processed? Is there a drop-box for these so that I don't even need to bother?
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    I would not cut the line. It would definitely be seen as rude. What you can do is look for a drop box, usually in the lobby where you can place your package. Most post offices, except the very small ones, have a drop box in the lobby. If it is international you may have to fill out customs forms and all international (except letters) with customs forms must be presented at the window.

    Better yet, you can leave the package in your mailbox and the letter carrier will pick it up and take it to the post office for you!
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    If you like the PayPal version checkout it let's you ship everywhere not just the states and Also has free dc on domestic packages. For the ones out of country you fill out the customs forms on the intetnet it prints out, tape it on and put all your packages in the mailbox at the end of your driveway. say goodbye to trips to the post office, Also found that I could mark my packages as thick envelopes and get cheaper shipping and haven't had any problems with over 50 prints, it's like $16 a month but you get the first month free and most of the time you can call in and they'll wave your monthly fee to keep you as a membrr lol

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    It depends on the length of the line I would say. If it's a couple people, just wait, but my post office can tend to get ridiculously long lines. I'm not waiting for 15 people when I could just drop off the package and walk away in 2 seconds
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