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    2012 topps chrome RG3 Xfractor and topps prime retail RG3 ft

    looking for 2012 packers or russell wilson.....prefer something as nice in return

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    Hi, I got a couple of Wilsons. Chrome refractor, chrome xfractor, Platinum orange, R&S Longevity Freshman Orientation G/U. I can use the xfractor, lmk if you'd be interested, if not no worries as I see youd prefer not to trade down, thanks. :)
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    hey their i have some Packers GU if interested. Couple Cobb RC GU, also have some Rodgers base. shoot me a PM if you would like a list

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    i have a wilson orange refractor rc and a clay mathews purple refractor..

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    Interested in Russell Pink Refractor, regular refractor and some nice colored Packer refractors for the RGIII Xfractor?
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    Check my list and let me know for the RG3 xfractor

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