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    sportscard collecting/selling/trading/buying is a fricken sham.

    this whole sportscard industry is a sham. i have been "collecting" for more than 20 years and i have come to the conclusion that this entire industry is a money grabbing over priced sucker bet. you pay anywhere between $5 & $450 a pack for this crap and very rarely do you get anywhere near your moneys worth. yeah blah blah blah dont expect to make money on this stuff, blah blah blah.......i just sold my entire collection for $3500. this collection was book valued at over $30,000. the price i ended up getting was from the 11th offer i received for it. 1 card in the collection book valued at more than $1400. what does that tell ya? the whole thing is a fricken sham. i am totally done wasting my hard earned money on a bunch of worthless cardboard. yeah yeah its a hobby meant to be for fun of collecting...blah blah're all suckers just like i was, but no more! spend thousands just to get hundreds in return is a joke. stop buying into this overpriced under valued crap "hobby". its laughable. really.

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    I collect for fun but I do agree that cards are expensive for what you get. I dont care about the value but I would like to be able to buy more cards with my limited budget.

  3. Kronozio
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    i only do low end
    and i do it for the fun :)

    never looking to make a profit
    have 5341 different cardinals cards
    Have 31 different Philly Eagles cards
    Have 30 different Detroit Pistons cards

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    I might be one of the few people on here who actually does find it pretty easy to make money on cards. I am mostly getting out of the hobby for the time being but I have a very very nice collection of pc items and a nice sized chunk in my savings that has come strictly from profit I have made on cards. I hardly bust any wax though so that is one of the best ways to save. I have always found it easy to target a niche market or a sub-market of a certain type of cards and research them. My problem is I want to pc more and more now so it breaks into the profit that I have made. That is the reason I am getting out slowly.

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