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    Beginners luck with first ever group break!

    So I decided to try and random draft style group break with wests sports cards in Edmonton the break included 16 mix boxes of 4 12/13 artifacts, 4 ultimate , 4 prime, 2 dominion and 2 cup. Ther was 28 spots and each person got two. I got 16 and very last 28 (two dead teams) so I wasn't to pleased having to pick islanders at 16 and Carolina at 28.... But it worked out in the end here is a list of what I got:

    12/13- artifacts Carolina rookie

    11/12 panini prime quad prime jsy /auto Calvin de haan /50

    11/12 - dominion dual puck dual auto of Tim erixon / Justin Faulk /25

    11/12 - the cup mike bossy base

    And one of the better hits of the break.......

    11/12 panini prime PRIME TIES Justin Faulk 1/1.

    All in all pretty fun to watch will probably do a few more. Let me know what you think.

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    Interested in the Faulk if it is available. Congrats!

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    Aguess I should mention the faulks have been traded to a Faulk collector.

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