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    1 box 2008/2009 UD Black Gretzky/Crosby/Howe 6 patch 3 on 3 /10!

    Hi guys i entereda Cyber Monday Promo and ended up with this 08/09 UD Black box. I normally collect MMA but thought i did pretty decent no idea on the value so any help would be great.! All are up for sale, so shoot me a pm. Just mainly looking for some help on the value of the 3 on 3 6 patch since its a older product, i couldnt find many which sold recently! Glad i didnt get any expired redemptions Thanks!

    Letterman Patch auto /399 Ilya Zubov
    Letterman patch /399 David Brine
    Mark of Obsidian auto /25 Borje Salming
    3 on 3 6 patch 7/10 of Gretzky, Mr Hockey, Mario Lemieux, Mark Messier, Sidney Crosby and Joe Sakic

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    Nice pull! When there's a hit in Black, it's a big hit.

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    thats card will be hi priced for sure
    just to compare a bit a
    greatzky/lemieux/messier/crosby from 08-09 blk #/25 is bv 175

    good luck and great break
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    Thank you guys, I appreciate the input if you know any PC collectors who would like the card point them my way! Def a fun product to break

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    If it is indeed 6 player patch card why do all the swatches look like single colour jersey pieces? Still an awesome card with those 6 players! Definitely did great with that box!

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