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    Ebay Guaranteed Auto Patch Packs?

    Does anyone know how sellers on Ebay can guarantee an autograph, patch, or numbered card in a pack. You would have to open it up and look through it. The packs look perfectly sealed though. I want to buy some but, it just feels like a scam. Any advice would be helpful here.

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    Don't buy them.

    These people are ruining the hobby. They know these are guaranteed patches in a few different ways...

    1. They weigh the packs and feel a significant difference.
    2. They "feel" the packs and sense relic windows.

    But the most likely way in which they're doing this is carefully opening the packs, taking out the cards, and reinserting a low end patch, then resealing the pack with some clear glue. They are not worth your time. Please don't contribute to their pocketbooks.
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    People were resealing packs in the 1980s. You would think they would have come up with better technology so the packs couldn't be resealed or weighed but I guess they don't care.
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    I feel like they are resealing as well. This is horrible for the hobby. Let chance play out and people have fun with it.

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