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Thread: I've been cursed!!

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    I've been cursed!!

    Isaiah Pead is haunting my dreams!!
    First the Superfractor now this! Why can't I have this luck with Mr. Luck?!?!

    scan0001 (2).jpg

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    Joe Adams has been my 2012 nightmare, so i feel your pain.

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    Still a sweet looking card,I too have that curse I can never combine a great card with a great player.
    Do something nice for someone everyday, it will pay off in the long run.

    Let us Pray.Hidden Content

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    I'd take a superfractor of the Oakland Raiders team card if it meant I pulled one haha. But Robert Turbin has been my stalker this season

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    I had to get some supplies from dacardworld and a box of chrome so I figured might as well throw in a pack of momentum and there it was!

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    Nice card I feel your pain I'm haunted by Michael Egnew.

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    My haunter is Joe Adams. He is in seemingly every other pack I buy. I pull his tall boy out of Chrome soooooo often.

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    I did well to not go crazy buying stuff this year. I'm sure I would have had some scrub like Greg Childs or somebody haunt me.

    Nice card, though...

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    I had been stalked by Weeden Osweiler and RG3......not terrible company

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