have to share this one. He bought a few items from me totaling over $300 on Nov. 11th. After a couple of invoices sent he said that he forgot he bid on them and was on the road. Would pay when he got back home in a week and a half. After a reminder, on December 2nd he said he was waiting on a dispute from someone in Australia for $600+ and when he gets that back he'll pay me and to please bare with him. I told him that I have already been waiting 3 weeks for him to pay and that he shouldn't have bid if he didn't have the funds ready for a high dollar purchase like this. Tired of waiting I opened up 'Unpaid item' cases on the three items he had won

December 4th I see that he has paid me so I send the cards out. I paid for insurance to make sure to protect myself with the amount that is being shipped. Today I get an email saying 'i'll contact my credit card company if i do not hear back.' I'm thinking what is the deal with this guy??? He just paid me 3 days ago. Then I look at my feedback and see on the 6th he left me negative feedback saying 'Bad communication' What????