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Thread: Eliminating the kick off???

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    Eliminating the kick off???

    With all the rule changes concerning player safety we are eventually getting to a point where the NFL is going to make football a completely different game, a game unrecognizable to the one we know today. The kick off is a HUGE part of the game, taking it away would be as crazy as the NBA taking away the 3pt shot!!! I cannot believe they are even considering this, I understand player safety is important so maybe focus on better equipment technology or something. I know there is a risk associated playing football, but so is every other sport... a basketball player can go for a dunk and slip, land on his back and end up with a spinal injury, yeah it's a freak accident but it is possible, so is the NBA going to outlaw dunking in the future? They have already gone slightly overboard with the 'roughing the passer' rule to the point where a defenseman might end up having second thoughts before going for a sack, are they going to eliminate sacks altogether in the future?

    If they take away kick offs in the future then I will just stick to baseball and hockey (assuming the NHL lockout will be over in 2013).

    Just curious what some of you folks think?

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    I know Goddell said the league would "think about it" but I don't think they'll ever do it. I too, understand the whole player safety idea and I'm all for it, but it needs to stop at some point. I'm sure some would argue with me but, I don't think they really changed the game yet, but this would just totally over do it. Don't see it happening though.

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    I think the kickoff's are fine as they are, I hope they don't get rid of them

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    I don't know who came up with this harebrained idea, but whomever it is lost his mind.
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    Football without a kick-offs just isn't football. I really hope it doesn't happen, they say to cut down on injuries/concussions but I see far worse hits in field of play rather than on kick-offs. Don't eliminate the tackles, eliminate the bad players who constantly make the bad hits like Suh!
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    What's next, eliminate tackling? Why don't they just play flag football, and after every touchdown, everyone hugs.

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    The kick off is one of the most exciting parts of the game and gives guys a chance to make teams on their specailty of returning kicks. On another note we need to really appreciated past qb's like Elway, Marino, Montana, Jim Kelly and others as they did what they did with no protection, defenders just sneeze on guys like Rodgers and Brady and get penalized and fined heavily, they make millions and knew what they signed up for. I see football in 2025 were every players in a bubble, lol.

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    if they eliminate kickoffs they will probably do punt returns as well. I see punt returns as more dangerous than kickoffs. do you know how many players get pounded while trying to make the catch on a punt? i have never seen that on a kickoff, unless its onside kick. Also seeing kickoff returns for tds are a big part and one of the most exciting plays to get to see in a game, especially if you are there at the stadium. Banning kickoffs would take away too much of the game of football and i don't think it will ever happen. At least i hope not!

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    the game is what it is. its stupid to try and change it. so many people all over the world work dangerous jobs, and they know it when they get into it. football is no different. this is the supposed reason why they have a $100+ league minimum. if they keep going on with the rules as they have been this will turn into the arena league. they have to stop at some point and accept the fact that this is how the game is. its dangerous. i understand certain rules, but the defenseless receiver hits and roughing the passer hits are getting rediculous. if they really were that concerned then they would make better equipment for the player as suggested by the OP. they dont want to change what they do so they make the players and the game change instead. they have no idea they are treading on thin ice with the fans. if it keeps going in this direction they will start losing revenue. yeah its their game, but if they were concerned about the game and players more than they are concerned about controling it then they would be making changes to different facets of the game rather than making it harder and harder and less fun to watch. im personally sick of watching games with 20 penalties. im sorry but no 2 teams can really commit that many penalties unless they are fighting.

    i seriously think an asociation needs to be formed to represent the fans of the NFL so the league would have legitimate feedback on what they do, and give some serious ideas on how to improve the game for the people who support it with their hard earned money.

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