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    Looking to switch up my autographed jersey collection

    Hi folks,

    I want to switch up my autographed jersey collection.

    As many of you know, my goal is to collect one decent rookie card and one non-rookie autographed jersey card. I have completed this goal for a number of players.

    However, I want to try and match a player’s RC with the autographed jersey.

    Here’s an example:

    I have a Dino Ciccarelli OPC rookie card (pictured as a Minnesota North Star), and an autographed jersey card of him with the Detroit Red Wings. What I want is to switch the Ciccarelli Red Wings autographed jersey for an autographed jersey of Ciccarelli pictured as, and jersey from, the North Stars.

    I have a number of other players I want to do this for:

    Rene Bourque (I have a Calgary one, looking for Chicago)

    Ryan Smyth (I have a Colorado one, looking for Edmonton)
    Brad Richards (I have a New York Rangers one, looking for Tampa Bay)
    Dany Heatley (I have an Ottawa one, looking for Atlanta)
    Dino Ciccarelli (I have a Detroit one, looking for Minnesota North Stars)
    Roberto Luongo (I have a Florida one, looking for New York Islanders)
    Mike Cammalleri (I have a Montreal one, looking for Los Angeles)
    Phil Kessel (I have a Toronto one, looking for Boston)
    Chris Pronger (I have one where he’s pictured with Edmonton with St. Louis patch, looking for one with a picture of and a jersey from St. Louis)

    If anyone would like to help, please PM me!


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