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Thread: Ran out of decoys

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    Ran out of decoys

    so i have been adding decoys around cards ive been trading and have pretty well ran out, i have enough to package about 2 more. i dont buy boxes often so i wont have any coming in for awhile either. what can i use in place of decoys around the cards that would work the same?

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    i guess i could use my older ones but for the most part i have a lot of friends who do ttm and am always working trades and stuff for my base.

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    Honestly haven't tried this myself, but maybe cut a piece of sturdy cardboard into card sized pieces and put one on each side.
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    Try something cutting up cereal boxes or any cardboard box. Depending on thickness you may need to use multiple pieces.

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    I usually use old top loaders, but depending on whether or not you have any.

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    Did you happen to ask your LCS if they have any. Mine saves all the decoys from wax busted in store for me. I have so many I'm not sure what to do with them all.

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    just cut up flat rate boxes in the same size of cards and use that. free but time consuming.
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    I've got a boatload of them.
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