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Thread: 2012-13 Classic Signatures

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    2012-13 Classic Signatures

    How long do you think before the prices on boxes and packs drop?

    Many of the authographs are selling in the $5 to $10 range on ebay. I can't see the prices for packs and boxes staying as high as they are.

    Even if the prices would drop in in the $100 range per box, I still think it would be difficult to move..

    It's a shame because it's a nice looking product just the price point is way too high. They think they would learn from UD and BAP.
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    Don't know about your question, but it's a really nice product with a lot of nostalgia value. I will try to gather some autos for a sub-set as soon as I have some cards to trade for.

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    I passed up on a Marcel Dionne for $3 on eBay, justtttt don't care. Some of the sell prices are pretty decent tho, Bobby Hull for $98 for example. And the numbered cards and subset autos are selling for more than the cost of the pack............
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    If anyone pulls the turgeon or beezer, lmk. I'm interested just not enough to touch this product.
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    Please, no more offers for tradebait. I have enough of it as it is.

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    This'll end up in the under $100 price range after Christmas. Just nothing of value. You can't expect people to pay $30/pack or $180/box when only one or two cards per case sell for more than the price of a pack. Panini made a horrible error in judgement and simply filled up a product with auto's that absolutely no one wants or cares about. Yes, there are SP's and SSP's of starts and semi-stars, but those hits are so far a few between that it's a dead product. $180/box is ludicrous.

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    Bought a pack ($25) at my LCS on Friday just to check it out, looks okay but defintiely not worth the price.

    Pulled a Kjell Samuelsson auto

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    Unfortunately not a great product for the price point. I bought a box and unless you hit some great autos you will not recoup your purchase price. It was a great idea, but unfortunately today people are looking for wicked patches with autos as the bar seems to be set very high now. They have had some very nice products of late chalk this one up as a miss but I am sure they will make up for it with other releases.

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    What I really like about this product is that it includes base cards for a lot of decent retired players which tend not to get base cards.

    What I don't like is how the back of the card doesn't show year by year stats, just the career total. There have been some good products like Fleer Legacy, Greats of the Game, Throwbacks, and UD Century Legends which show the complete stats. Will definitely get a bunch of base cards from this one eventually for the players who tend not to get cards made nowadays.

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    Stop making these new products please. We already have enough autographs, thanks.
    Just my opinion.


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