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    WTTF SNES + Sega stuff (mostly Games) also any tips or ideas for Fiances gift?

    Ok, I do not have a list together right now, but I'm working on putting it together. Basically I just got engaged and my Fiance and I are buying a Hyperkin Retron 3 consul together for or first Christmas together. We grew up in the sega nes era so this seemed like a cool idea. planning for the wedding we don't want to spend a lot, so i want to surprise her by having a few surprise games for her to play. So i can only trade right now. We are really into the family friendly games, (sonic, mario, xmen, tmnt, disney, and cartoon) kind of titles. since these are gifts for her i would like the cartridges to be decently maintained so a quick picture would be awesome if possible. If you have any games could you please post what you have? i can trade auto and gu for them no problem, i just want her to have a little extra surprise on Christmas.

    Also if you have any controllers that would be awesome too, (she would love to not need to use the Retron3 controllers.) Not sure what else to ask for but if anyone has a recomendation or idea of how to make this a little more special for her plmk, i dont know much about VG's besides i loved mario and sonic as a kid haha.

    One game i remember is Rocketknight adventure which i loved, so if you have a copy please post it, it's a bit more $ seemingly so if you have a dinged up copy thats cool, it's for me :)

    any tips or ideas welcome, my list to come :)

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    I have one of the Retron 3 systems and they are awesome! Anyways, I have quite a few Genesis titles that you might like that we don't play. Most are still in original boxes with manuals, I can get you a list if you are interested and maybe we can get a deal done. Look forward to your reply.

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    for sega are you talking about the master system or the genesis or what systems?

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