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    Are the Card Gods trying to tell me something?

    Ok, so, this is getting ridiculous. My first box of 2012 product is Topps Inception. Among the hits I get this guy:

    Ok, so whatever. Cool, I sell it for 4 bucks on Ebay. So I start buying Platinum. I buy 3 boxes total. Out of two boxes (1 from each box), I get these two guys:

    Holy crap, so now I know this is my guy this year.

    Now, I start buying Topps Chrome. My first box, the very last card is this:

    I buy 3 more boxes today. Out 2 boxes (1 in each) I get these two guys:

    The 3rd box had no Hillmans, but no auto as well. I have a feeling Topps will be adding another Hillman to my unintentional Ronnie Hillman Supercollection.

    I think it's my destiny to collect Hillman. Even meet the guy. I'm fighting it with all my will.

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    lol dude your luck is like mine. i opened 4 cases of inception last year and i pulled so many kyle rudolph, jerrell jernigan, and jordan todman cards its not even funny. i pulled one qb patch card out of 8 cases, and the only 1/1 i pulled was a leshoure letterman auto. nice card, but that litterally was the week after he injured his self and was out for the season. the other product i opened was all austin pettis john baldwin, and alex green. at the time this stuff was worth almost nothing. i was pulling receivers and tight ends all day long. one leshoure and one qb patch. i quit with inception. i love busting boxes, but i finally got to the point where i just bought singles on ebay instead and bought into some case breaks so i could pick specific teams. hillman isnt the worst you could pull to be honest. might as well just hold on to them till next year or even the playoffs. wont hurt anything. the dude may be the next terrel davis.

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    haha, maybe he will blow up in the playoffs!

    On a side note, if you decide not to collect him, I can use the 84 for my set!


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    Ha that is absolutely crazy. On a positive note Hillman looks to be a decent player and there are worse players you could get. Some of the products have the most random Autos of offensive lineman and people on the practice Squad. Hillman plays.

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    Could be a lot worse that's for sure. I'd be happy to get cards of someone who sees the field in most games. Good luck with that new collection...haha...

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    Colin Kaepernick was my guy last year. I wasn't happy then but may be working out. This it Stephen Hill and Nick Toon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeanAtor View Post
    Colin Kaepernick was my guy last year. I wasn't happy then but may be working out. This it Stephen Hill and Nick Toon!
    Lol, you lucked out w/ Kaepernick. My 2011 guy was Ridley. Pisses me off that he's doing so good now, cause I sold off all the cards..including a nice NT RC/patch.

    Thanks for making me feel slightly better, guys. For all I know, Hillman will be the next AP.

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    I believe Hillman is the youngest guy in the NFL. A raw talent with big potential. Denver has a good track record drafting backs. For how cheap his cards are a person might as well hold them unless the money is needed elsewhere.

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    The saga continues...

    2 boxes of Topps Strata, got two of these (1 in each box)

    Also, sold this on Ebay, but the buyer never paid. Reported his butt, and now I'm stuck w/ it. I guess the $2.50+$2.75 shipping was too much for his wallet to bear.

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    I dont think you will have too much trading or selling the Hillmans on here...there are a couple of guys picking up his stuff....that way you dont have to worry about the what ifs on ebay.


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