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    Selling/ Trading: Crown Royale Silhouette Louis Leblanc /99

    I am looking to sell / trade My silhouette of Louis Leblanc (Image is in my bucket under Leblanc Silhouette). If you are interested please jut make an offer and not ask me what I want for it. You know the book value ( $150 ) Give me a reasonable offer. As for trade bait I'm looking to get Dominik Hasek. I have a lot of his cards so just let me know what you have and we will go from there cheers. Also take a look aat my other thread as I am looking for a 05/06 SPx #98 Hasek Flashback Fabrics Auto!!

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    ive got a pretty dirty itg dom.hasek its a auto stick some decent colour in the stick portion. lmk if that interests you.

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    Yes I am interested going to need a pic though. otherwise bump!

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    Do you have a better scan of it? I am interested in it for sure. Here's a Hasek I have #/10. Let me know if it is of interest. I'll have to take a look and see what else I have.

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