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    The seller ALWAYS has shill bidding going on. On the second auction, the 2nd and 3rd bids are both shill, look at the percentage...82% and 88%.

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    A couple of things jump out at me. First of all the auction title is deceptive. This is not a rookie card. I know it says 2012 and but it also says 2005. I had no idea that this card existed and if I were interested in an Aaron Rodgers rookie card I might have been taken in. I know i know it would be my fault for not checking into it but it is clear to me that this seller is using deceptive practices to try to trap an unsuspecting buyer. No where in his description does he mention the the word reprint. Also, if I am not mistaken when you list cards it gives you several pre loaded choices to click to help you describe your cards and if I am not mistaken original/reprint is one of them. He didn't even do that. Short and sweet he is trying catch someone and unfortunately he did. I'm also wary of his buddy c**j shill bidding for him. It's too bad they stopped the ability to contact buyers, I'd be sending this guy an email for sure. I hope the buyer realizes it and files a report. I would side with him in a heartbeat.

    IMO this is deceptive, dishonest and unethical. Needless to say seller is now blocked from my searches. You may not see a big deal but I sure do.
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    Buyers should do their research before buying, but that said, this is why I HATE reprints like this.


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    Quote Originally Posted by WVcoltsfan View Post
    Buyers should do their research before buying, but that said, this is why I HATE reprints like this.
    I agree that buyers should do their research. I also hate reprints like this. Why in the world would you feel the need to reprint a card that is only 7 years old anyway. All reprints should have the word REPRINT stamped on the cards somewhere. I'd prefer to see it on the front but the back would be acceptable. It should also be in letters large enough to read and not just be some tiny fine print like the date.

    The bottom line to me though is that this seller is deliberately trying the best he can to deceive someone. He is doing the very minimum to let people know that this is a 2012 card and he is hoping they don't catch it. I'm sure he is also hoping that if they do file a claim the fact that he put 2012 in there will get him off. It might but not if I were the judge.

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