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    Question 11-12 Limited x3, 10-11 Gold Standard, and 07-08 TSC... Kyrie, Wall and much more!!!!

    I finally got the last of my Blowout Black Friday boxes today and figured Id share the results. Had a blast breasking all these. I feel like it was a success overall, and had a ton of fun with the breaks! All ft/fs unless otherwise noted. Had issues getting pics to load but all the hits can be found in my bucket. Enjoy!

    07-08 Stadium Club ($100). Really fun break even though I didn't have the best box out there. I did manage to pull a Durant RC. LMK if you need any base. Hits below:

    Beam Team Danny Granger
    Beam Team Raja Bell
    RC X-Fractor Auto Nick Fazekas
    RC X-Fractor AutoMarco Belinelli

    Full Court Press Isiah Thomas Dual #d 60/199
    Full Court Press Jeff Green #d 170/499
    Full Court Press Elton Brand #d145/499
    Beam Team Chauncy Billups
    Beam Team Chris Bosh
    Beam Team Steve Nash
    Beam Team DH12
    Beam Team Amare

    10-11 Gold Standard ($100). I love the look of these cards. The anticipation of slowly leafing through the pack made it another fun break. I got a little over exciting when I saw Kobe's head... but it was just a 24K Kobe card.

    24K Kobe #2 #d 226/299
    Carmelo Gold Nuggets #10 #d134/299
    Kevin Love Gold Crowns #6 #d 131/299
    Elgin Baylor Golden Age #18 #d 57/299
    AJ Price #141 #d 111/299
    Kevin Martin #15 #d 242/299
    Al Harrington #135 #d 255/299

    Magic Johnson Golden Anniversary #20 #d 78/99
    Andrea Bargnani Gold Stars #20 #d 7/99 (Jersey #)

    Mark Eaton Gold Records Auto Patch #6 #d 17/25 (cool looking card, wish it was a better player!)
    Jameer Nelson Auto #69 #d 78/199
    JOHN WALL RC AUTO!!!! #213 #d 204/299

    11-12 Limited ($65 a pop). Way too many redemptions... but atleast I got a good one!

    Base Steve Kerr
    Spencer Hawes x2
    Mario Chalmers
    Walt Frazier

    Silver Spotlight:
    Rolondo Blackman #d 4/49

    Gold Spotlight:
    Hakeem Olajuwan #d 2/25

    Patrick Ewing Retired Numbers #5 #d 33/99 (Jersey #!)
    Nate Robinson Trophy Case Materials 3-color patch #d 21/25
    Pau Gasol Jumbo Patch #d80/99

    2012 RC Redemptions:
    10th Pick, Austin Rivers

    Gerald Henderson Potential Auto #d 90/99

    Auto Redemptions:
    Kyrie RC Auto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kenneth Faried RC Auto
    Jordan Hamilton RC Auto
    Andrew Bynum Glass Cleaners Sigs
    Derek Fisher Trophy Case Sigs

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