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    Two hobby packs of 12-13 Panini Prizm

    First of all - SWEET CARDS! Absolutely love the clean chrome design. The set is too large, but the design and affordable price are making this sell like hotcakes at my local hobby shop.

    My two packs:

    Meh, nothing too exciting, but oh well. All base except these rookies: Darius Johnson-Odom, Dion Waiters (nice), Festus Ezeli, and Tobias Harris (he was a rookie last year, but because of the shortened season and lack of sets, these seem to be considered rookie cards also, so I'm considering them such)

    LMK if you need any. Will list the base upon request.

    Got a box of 04-05 Upper Deck hobby coming in sometime in the next few days - will probably post that here as well.
    gone and done -- fun while it lasted

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    Waiters is gone.
    gone and done -- fun while it lasted

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    Any Brandon Jennings or Lebron base?
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    Sorry, neither of them.

    For any others browsing, here is what I pulled for reference as far as base:

    DeMarcus Cousins 10
    Brendan Haywood 26
    Corey Maggette 68
    Andrew Bynum 83
    Jodie Meeks 103
    Luc Mbah a Moute 119
    Raymond Felton 142
    David Thompson 161
    gone and done -- fun while it lasted

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    Not bad...could've lacked the Waiters! :)
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