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    Buying Vintage Toys Trains Ect .................. Early 60's and older

    Buying has ended for now
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    brother has some older trains left,has a small antique shop,sure pleanty of other odd & rare toys,any specific train brands?

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    currier ives tootsie marx just about any prefer military kind of toys

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    said he only has a few trains left that are beat up in his shop,not sure of brands rite now ,he has a guy that constantly buys all the good stuff,he has lots of other toys etc, but not for sale unless it worth his while.

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    seen ur add in football section,for ravens/balt colts have a 69 topps unitas maybe 1-2 other unitas,tons of ther vintage i could look for all balt colts,few ravens autos in my bucket as well

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    I would be interested ina ny colts stuff u have but dont expect me to pay retail

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    have these left of vintage.not sure if ur interested in peyton manning base or edgerrin james have tons of that.also have a 60's/70's colt pennant.

    72 topps
    rick volk
    tom matte
    jim o'brien
    jerry logan
    afc semi final game colts vs browns
    afc chmp game colts vs phins
    john unitas pro action
    rick volk pro action
    bubba smith pro action
    tom matte pro action

    71 topps
    john mackey
    rick volk
    dan sullivan
    jerry logan
    tom matte

    69 topps
    johnny unitas
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