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    mark scheifele. titanium rc 55/55 whats a fair value

    So I have this card and cant decide to trade or sell. Being its 55/55 what kinda value would you put on it. Open to opinions

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    Check Ebay completed listings. Add $5 for the unique number.

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    From my experiences a jersey number can change the price a lot...I think a lot more then 5$.

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    Lol yeah a bit more than. 5. And I don't trade flea bay value. Thus the opinions thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by evilcise1234 View Post
    From my experiences a jersey number can change the price a lot...I think a lot more then 5$.

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    There's a couple Schiefele collectors here on the boards, once they see this I'm sure they'll be able to help out.
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    I've seen two on another trade site go for $50.00, and $55.00, respectively.

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    Put it on ebay up for bids and let the Scheifele collectors with deep pockets go after it, i know i paid trough the roof for my James Neal gold rainbow 18/18, im pretty sure it fill fetch a lot more than 5$ over the others.

    Cant remember is name but there is a Titanium set builder that will pay you a week vacation down south for jersey numbered Titanium rookies.

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    this^ if you want to get the most $$ for your card.
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    Im more likely to trade that sell I know what the base one is selling for j would assume 75 would be a fair price. But was really looking more for a trade value. And thank you for all opinions

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