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    11/12 Silhouette + others for sale

    Giving up on my Silhouette set.Looking for FAIR offers.I`ve been following these since the release so offering 50$ for an Henrique dosent constitute a fair offer.

    The Coho + Brandon Saad ,Zack Kassian top Cody Eakin and Adam Larsson , Erixon 3 color, Smith,De Haan , Geoffrion, Nyquist,Zibby,Johansen,Gudbranson,Leblanc Silhouette are sold.

    Adding price.

    Canada resident add 2$ for shipping
    U.S resident add 3$ for shipping
    Worldwide add 5$ for shipping

    Sales over 70$ in Canada, i will ask you to cover half of the registered mail fee`s 5$

    Sales over 60$ outside Canada , registered shipping is 16$, lost out to much past 2 years sorry.

    Sean Couturier 165$
    Adam Henrique red/black 125$
    Adam Henrique red white 115$
    Markus Kruger 95$

    Joe Colborne 65$
    Bret Connolly 55$
    Aaron Palushaj 45$
    David Rundblad 30$

    Carl Hagelin 115$
    Ryan Ellis 70$
    Cameron Gaunce 50$

    Tim Erixon 2 color 33$
    Bottom Cody Eakin 40$
    Aaron Palushaj 45$

    Stamkos is graded BGS 9 but i can take it out of the slab if you like.


    Dont know if this listed as an Sp but it rarely pops up.

    A few cup rookies.

    Ultimate auto patch
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    how much for the stamkos and the james neal patch?

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    Can you do $50 for the Henrique?

    Kidding, but can I get a price on the Neal Ice Patch, Nyquist Silhouette and the Okposo Cup Gold?

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    Dont know why i bother bump.

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    Interested in the Couturier and Henrique. Let me know a price

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    Hey, can I get a price on the Moller please?

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    Added some price to prevent major lowballer offers like 25$ for a Eakin or less then a 100$ for a Connolly and Johansen Silhouette.

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    Just sold 9 Silhouette tonight, if its not marked with price its gone.

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    Price arent set in concrete, will listen to fair offers.For cheapscake salvation army is at 1620 Notre Dame
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