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Thread: Have these autos for trade

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    Have these autos for trade

    Just putting these out there to see if someone has something I could use. Has to be something in the same category.

    05 Bowmans Best Double Coverage auto/jerseys Alex Smith/Jason Campbell #/25
    05 Bowmans Best dual autographs Ronnie Brown/Mike Williams #/50
    00 Fleer Autographics Emmitt Smith Gold #/50
    04 Fleer Authentix Donovan McNabb auto/jersey #/10
    04 Fleer Authentix Ben Roethlisberger rc(Bill Cowher auto)

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    i am interested ub the alex smith/campell
    ronnie brown.mike williams


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    can you use this - 00 Playoff Prestige John Elway Auto Autograph SP /100 $150
    i like your cowher auto. lmk what else you could add to the deal from my sig or otherwise in the $40-50 auto range.

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    i like your emmitt auto lmk if you see anythinng on my site

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