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Thread: Any Resume Writing Experts?!?!

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    Any Resume Writing Experts?!?!

    If so, I can use your help updating my resume.

    Thanks in advance,
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    I am the head of recruiting for my company. A few tips. Keep it one page and list skills and experience tailored to the job you are hunting. Don't waste space on references. Just write references available upon request. Dump the linen paper. Keep it simple, nice and clean. Proofread! No spelling or grammatical errors. A well-written resume never got anybody an interview, but poorly-written ones have certainly kept some folks from getting interviews.
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    I have done over 7,000 job interviews and read well over 40,000 resumes in my life.

    One page, concise, no lying, no photos, no mottos, no fist-pumping, no make believe companies for bragging. Make sure you leave a phone number that does not go directly to a voice-mail. That is the rudeness of rude.

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