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    11 12 the cup vanek base parralel 1/1

    looking to see what pretty things can come from this card . anyone interested please post a offer in here or pm me. photo to be added asap
    looking for bait mostly so please post whatever ur willing to part with that is also high end. remember its a 1/1 frm the most expensive set and its of a star player thanks :)

    sv 120-150
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    hi there

    lmk if u can use anything from my bucket.

    thanks johnnaseri

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    Try a PM to Walter Sobchak he is a huge Vanek collector.(great member to deal with as well).
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    what kind of value are you putting on this card? I have some 07/08 artifacts #/25,50,100 that might interest you. lmk

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    ok this guy had a 5 point night already this year ......... anyone interested in this card

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    Trying to message you but mailbox is full but yes those six cards for it

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