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Thread: 2012 topps chrome blaster

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    2012 topps chrome blaster

    Tried the last one on the shelf at the Walmart that I frequent the most,I think I was the victim of a reseal job as the relic pack was missing,don't want to go thru hoops and ladders for a cheap relic so I just opened the 7 packs I will list all turned out pretty decent.

    Doug Baldwin 9

    Alfonzo dennard rc 15

    Trent Richardson rc 23

    Stephon Gilmore rc 26

    Kellen Moore rc 27

    Dre Kirkpatrick rc refractor 28

    Philip rivers 30

    Brandon Boykin rc 36

    Aaron corp rc blue refractor 60 175/199

    Marvin mcnutt rc refractor 61

    Jerel worthy rc 93

    Peter konz rc 96

    Peter konz rc purple refractor 96 325/499

    Eli manning 103

    Eli manning xfractor 103

    Darren McFadden 107

    Darren McFadden xfractor 107

    Jon Baldwin 110

    Wes welker refractor 129

    Jared Allen 154

    Andre Johnson 155

    T.y.hilton rc 168

    Reggie Wayne 190

    Lamichael James rc 191

    Vincent Jackson 199

    Brian quick tallboy rc 22

    Bernard pierce 84 style rc 23

    Insert next
    Robert Griffin III red zone rookies diecut refractor rzdc-10

    Still got more than expected even without the relic so I won't complain,Thanks for the read take care Steve
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    great griffin!


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    Nice packs, I had a similar box with no hit, might be a quality control issue, I have heard of boxes with two relics
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    Nice Griffin!! By chance do you have any extra base, refractor, xfractor or camo of Victor Cruz?

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    Hey Steve!! NICE Hit On The RG3. I Just Bought A Blaster Box Myself Yesterday & Didn't Get A Jsy Card Either.

    Thanks, John

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    Wait, blasters come with a GU pack? I musta missed that in the one that I bought. It was still sealed with the outer shrink wrap and such so I'm pretty sure it was still factory sealed. Am I missing something?

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    The blasters at Walmart have a silver pack with a relic,Targets blasters just have 8 packs with a slight chance for an autograph

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    Ah gotcha, I got mine a Meijers in Lansing and didn't remember seeing one of those haha. Got the auto instead so I'll go with that lol. Thanks for the info man.

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    Wow spuds still got mojo! two numbered color refractors! sucks about the relic!

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