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Thread: Magazines about collecting

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    I think you are better off on finding a good website on cards, there are sites such as Cardboard Connection that has a wealth of information, it has reviews on current and past sets of all 4 sports and in America the 4 sports are ofcourse Baseball, Football, Hockey and Basketball). They even have a history of cards of each sport section, and they also have great guides on subject such as card protection, storage etc.

    Here is the link. Also if you click on the 'How to' section there is a post about the '10 Essential Books about Sports Cards' I've never read any of those books but those can possibly be what you are looking for.

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    That seems great. Already looked quickly and that might be something that I need.
    Many thanks! I wanted to find something that is not virtual, so that I can sit in garden and read, I am already spending much time in front of the monitor.
    But this will hopefully be something good for start.

    Many thanks once again!

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