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Thread: Anyone what to buy these?

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    Anyone what to buy these?

    Aerial Assualt-Donovan Mcnabb AA-20
    Team Zenith Peyton Manning TZ-5
    Black-A-Blue Eli Manning BB-10
    Julius Jones Canton Round CB-20(77/100)
    Rookie Noah Herror Card # 142 (652/999)
    Rookie Marcus Spears Card # 136 (983/999)
    Rookie Derek Anderson Card # 122 (735/999)
    Z team zenith Daunte Culpepper ZT-16
    SpellBound B-Ben Roethlisberger S-4
    Mozaics Vick, Dunn, Crumpler
    Mozaics Delhomme, Peppers, Foster
    Epix David Carr E-10 (353/500)
    Epix Donovan Mcnabb E-11(14/100)
    Epix Eli Manning E-13(60/100)
    Epix Brian Urlacher E-4(643/1000)

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    Rookie Marcus Spears Card # 136 (983/999)

    What brand is this card? Thanks

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