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    I've decided to start collecting Luke Kuechly cards!

    And I'm not even a Panthers fan. While I'm never going to take my focus away from my main Max Scherzer baseball collection, the current football players I like to collect: Stafford, Calvin and Kaepernick are a little on the pricier side. So I've decided that I need an alternative collection, someone just like baseballs Max Scherzer, ie. someone who is really good yet underrated enough thus making his cards cheap: LUKE KUECHLY!

    Winner of the 2011 Nagurski and Butkus award, he's a great defensive player, and he's from Boston College just like Bill Romanowski!

    I know I saw someone here who was a Luke Kuechly super-collector, just can't remember his username.

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    Congrats on the decision. It's tough when someone you collect has steep prices on their cards. Thankfully for me, MJD got hurt this year, which has helped a little with the pocket books when looking for his items. The rest of the guys I collect are low end enough or not in the league.

    Good luck with your new collection!

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    As of right now I have 5 (possibly 6) autos on the way, it's kinda fun collecting someone who is good yet underrated lol!

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