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Thread: Football FT or FS

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    Football FT or FS

    Before I get into the cards, only looking to move this as a lot. If trading, I would like to trade up. If selling, then just make me an offer for paypal for the lot. Again, trading up or take paypal OFFERS. So here are the cards:

    The Kaepernick star gazing is out 1/49. The Welker patch is /25.

    Looking for a nice one card deal for these, or a 2 mid car deal for them.
    I'm looking for Drew Brees (patches or autos), Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, Ray Lewis, or really nice patch autos.

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    that's too bad about the lot. I do like the welker a lot. If you change your mind let me know. Thanks,

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    if the welker is what you want, and you have something in mind to trade for it shoot me a pm.... I can take one off the lot, but not going to move more than one off.

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    bump it up! let's get some trading done on these bad boys!

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    bump... think I've replied to all pm's. Looking to move these.

    I'll also add the Panthers Steve Smith to the list (but only patches or patch autos)

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    09 R&S Prime Cuts Materials Steve Smith #/50

    Scan -

    How about this for the Welker? LMK
    Always looking for Patriots Jerseys/Autos!

    Hidden Content - Bucket

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    Zeke, scan didn't show up.... if you can get me a scan of it I would love to see it.

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