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    Quote Originally Posted by jrlebert View Post
    Love the new adds. In your travels, if you find any Kyle Wilson low numbered or tough stuff, please shoot me a PM! They are in the same RC class. Keep up the good PC work!
    hey man not many shows or anything around here but I will definitely look around when I am at one

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    Finally a small update. COMC order should be here Monday but these 2 beautys showed up today.

    First: plates and patches silver auto/50

    Last: certified mirror blue/50

    that just leaves the emerald/5 for the rainbow, and I know where it is!

    thanks for the look!

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    Nice... Keep making progress.

    -Robert Lewis

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    Big update time!

    First, I got some unbelievable freebies from freethrowtommy!

    Anyways here are 6 sweet cards Tommy sent me!!

    And finally had my COMC order come in as well as a couple deals from here and eBay. Kind of bittersweet actually as getting these cards gives me 89/157 total and 87/131 non 1/1's which is my goal is to get. Now the updates will be few and far between I am sure.

    starting with the not so exciting cards:

    Bowman sterling refractor/299

    Certified rc/999


    Crown Royale rc

    Elite rc/999

    Gridiron gear gold X/100

    Contenders playoff ticket/99

    Prestige draft picks light blue/999

    Rookie and stars rc

    Rookie and stars silver parallel/249

    Score glossy

    Threads gold holofoil/100

    Threads silver holofoil/250

    Topps chrome blue refractor/199

    Topps chrome purple refractor/555

    Topps chrome xfractor

    And the nicer cards:

    Absolute platinum auto/25

    Certified mirror red auto/250

    Classics platinum auto/25

    Elite status black/24

    Gridiron gear platinum auto/25

    Gridiron gear platinum X's/25

    Plates and patches gold infinity auto/25

    Rookie and stars parallel platinum/25

    and today had this come in. You player collectors recognize this, the daunted absolute retail rc. I hate these retail only cards but glad to get 1. Now I just need to get the prestige xtra points orange!

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    Great collection and good luck finding the rest

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