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    I have the nuge I was offered the codey in a straight up trade

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    Right to the point here: If you keep trhe hodgson for 5+ years then you will win the trade as that card woud be extremly rare to find and all it takes is 1 person. If you end up selling it in 2-3 years you will loose no doubt about it. The hopkins wont loose too much value as he is the #1 pick. Its more about how rare the hodgson will be. If you think you wont be able to hold the hodgson for that long then do not do it. My opinion
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    Uhh... No question Cody Hodgson... Even from current sale value. Considering how much short printed or good true rookies from Titanium command on the market. I know the Adam Larsson /5 sold for $1,400 and that's when you consider how little love especially Swedish defensemans get (ahem... Hedman). But that's probably due to the set collectors, and that's another advantage for the Hodgson. I haven't seen one surface for months.

    Now let's talk about RNH. First overall picks, "short printed" (under 100) true rookies are worth investing. Otherwise cards like their young guns and patch autos will drop because people are already paying full value for them, paying for potential.

    Considering the only one on eBay has sold for $186 a few months ago I can see it selling for cheaper than that because of the stupid trend that is of auctions ending for significantly less than previous completed sales because people are using them to base their bids.

    We're also talking about a top 5/8 rookie

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