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Thread: How crappy was Zenith?

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    How crappy was Zenith?

    SOOOOOO Crappy that even though I only paid $45 taxes included for the Hobby box, I still feel like it was a rip, lol.


    Team Logo Jersey Havlat
    Winter Warriors Jersey Zuccarello
    Private signings auto Dustin Byfuglien
    Vasyunov RC /999
    Gifted Grinders insert Derek Dorsett
    Chasing the cup insert Ovechkin
    Crease is the word Jimmy Howard
    Kings Mosaic insert B Schenn, Kopitar, Doughty
    Red Hot Ryan Miller

    Dare to tear was M Lemieux inside was a James Neal Epix.


    I can't imagine paying over $100 for the box when this stuff came out.

    All is available FT.

    Also busted some Series 1 packs

    Giroux Game Jersey
    Silfverberg Silver Skates
    Patrick Kane MVP insert

    and 2 packs of certified:

    Goalie pulls insert Bernier
    Rick Nash Stars /999
    Looking for Patrick Roy, PK Subban, Carey Price, SPX SHADOWBOXES (ANY YEAR), Black Diamond Cup rings (Any year)

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    As crappy as Zenith may be, I've still only seen 1 Peckham White Hot but its a part of another members PC. The base cards still looked pretty nice though.
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    Zenith will be priced right when it's around 9 dollars a box.

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    There's a box at my LCS marked 110 right next to a box of Luxury Suite for 225. Any guesses as to how many years they'll sit there gathering dust?

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    3 hits with a chance of 4 for $45 + other inserts... $15/hit. Seems like Certified/Artifacts stuff too now. $100 for a box was a bit overpriced (a lot actually), but the DTT cards sell well untorn, but have some amazing hits inside.
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    Actually not the worst. At least a private signings came out of it

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    Private Signings of Byfuglien isn't too bad, considering there's hard-signed /199 of Hall, Seguin, Eberle in there, $45 is a pretty good price. game-used are pretty low valued though imo, but have actually seen worse out of Zenith.

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