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    Post Blast from the past football top 10 list from Tuff Stuff August 2003

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  2. Kronozio
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    Wow... that Pennington booked for THAT?
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    lol, I just picked up the Portis Contenders for $20..I love blasts from the past!!
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    That brings back the times, crazy how much the values have changed.

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    I just sold a 2002 SPx Vick for $20. I bought it for $6.50 dlvd. Every single one of those cards have tanked except the favre.
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    I never realized Leftwich was that in demand.

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    the Farve has tanked too, it's only worth half of what that says. The Playoff Contenders Vick still books for more then what that says too. But man, those are some crazy numbers for those guys. Probably why it's a good idea to wait until players have several years under their belt before buying that high on these new guys coming in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikpounder View Post
    I never realized Leftwich was that in demand.
    Him and Carson Palmer were the most popular from that draft for awhile or at least when the sets first started coming out
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    Leftwich was a beast at Marshall. I'll never forget that bowl game where he got hurt and his offensive line man carried him to the line of scrimmage so he could play. Now look at him, he injures his shoulder untouched on a touchdown run.
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