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Thread: LGBuffalo's TTM Success Thread

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    LGBuffalo's TTM Success Thread

    Hey all! I really enjoy your TTM success threads, so I thought I'd start one of my own. These are some of my most recent successes. Thanks for looking!

    Bill Barber 8x10: Sent 11/29- Received 12/7

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    Could anyone help me with how to put pictures on here from Photobucket? I looked a little in the other forums, but can't quite figure it out. Thanks!

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    Here ya go, click on pic, click on share (it's on the top left of the pic), click on 'get link code', the bottom 2 are the ones you want, copy and paste either of those 2 lines on here, one will post up a full size pic, and the other will post up a smaller pic that you can click on to get larger.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks so much for the help!

    Mike Modano: Sent 11/29- Received 12/7

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    Phil Esposito: Sent 11/26- Received 12/10

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    TJ Brennan: Sent 11/26- Received 12/1- Awesome return!

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