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    Game-Used Collectors: Favorite Memorabilia Pieces?

    Got to thinking about this today and thought it would be interesting to see what other collectors would pick.

    My question is this: What are your top three favorite memorabilia pieces that have been used by any card company?

    Maybe someone has used a rare jersey worn by your favorite player, or a piece of equipment that you feel is a significant part of hockey history. Many people may point out the ITG Vezina pads for example.

    There are several known cases of memorabilia being linked to a milestone of some kind or being incredibly rare. Some that come to mind are Panini's Ron Francis "last game" Whalers jersey, the above-mentioned ITG Vezina pads, Upper Deck's 2005-06 Cup cards with game-worn Ovechkin and Crosby rookie jerseys, and so on.

    I know that I certainly place more value on certain items for various reasons and cards with that particular memorabilia tend to be more important to my collection. If I know where something came from or when it was used it separates that card from so much of the unidentifiable drab that has been pumped out for more than a decade.

    So tell me, what specific pieces of memorabilia can you simply not get enough of?
    - Kevin

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    An errant puck over the glass from a live NHL game! Than I want it autographed plus a stinky game worn jersey from my home team for coming back and paying to watch these guys play again ;)
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    I'll add a couple:

    ANY Bobby Orr GU jersey. Upper Deck had them offered in 2000-01 SP Game Used with 50 single patch cards and 50 dual patch cards with Ray Bourque They also have jersey cards in a few of their later sets. ITG has offered Orr game used cards throughout their sets including my top PC card which is a jumbo emblem card from Enshrined.

    Jean Beliveau 1964(?) all star jersey featured in the Signature Swatch set from 2005-06

    Ted Lindsay GU jersey offered in the ITG Superbox redemption cards. There is a jumbo emblem and a dual auto/ emblem card made.
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    Throughout their 2010-11 releases Panini used a Carey Price Centennial game jersey starring the 1909-10 jerseys. Habs only wore them in one game, they look great. They've also got his 2009 All Star Game jersey in a few recent releases.

    One card that I would really like to get is a Patrick Roy Montreal glove card. As many die-hard Roy fans know, he named his glove "Charlotte" and who wouldn't want to get a piece of Charlotte?

    I would like to get a piece of a Maurice Richard jersey one of these days as well. He's only the greatest player ever.
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