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    r we gonna see the last of the nhl

    with all theses lockouts every 5 -7 yrs do u people think that we will see the end of the nhl really soon if they dont clean up there act

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    I dont know if you are seeing the last of the NHL. I do think that if this does continue you will see some smaller market areas like Raleigh for the Canes closing up shop. They dont have a huge following anyway and then you throw this on top of it then the fans are going to buy more into college basketball especially with the Tarheels and Wolfpack in the same area. Just my two cents.

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    The NHL has survived two World Wars, an influenza epidemic, and much more that are more profound than what Gary Bettman can do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RGM81 View Post
    The NHL has survived two World Wars, an influenza epidemic, and much more that are more profound than what Gary Bettman can do.

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    Let's say the NHL does fold, what would happen.
    We still have hockey fans. We still have hockey players. We still have an appetite for pro sports. We still have every other league on the planet. Someone will step up and take over if it just can't be handled anymore. Or, all the players who would find themselves without contract, would either go to Europe or the AHL and the AHL would be the new NHL.

    It's not going to happen, but even if it did, it's not the end of pro hockey in North America. Heck, most of us have probably watched at least some North American pro hockey this year.

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    Yes the NHL will Survive itself, which is really pathetic as it should Thrive! Of the 4 major leagues, it is the one international league with elite players from all over the globe!, so winning the Stanley cup, of the four championships is the one that is closest to being a World Champion. Not too mention the new generation of American kids like Seth Jones, who think hockey is way more exciting than baseball or basketball, and finally, if you have seen all 4 sports live, the NHL is by far the most intense and exciting action sport. If the league would stop shooting itself in the foot and create a financial framework that maintains parity like the NFL, it could possibly evolve into the #1 professional sport in North America, or at least #2 behind the NFL. The 20 something generation loves action, and baseball and basketball look like cricket compared to the NHL.

    As for Bettman, I do not get the hate people have for him, he is simply a paid employee of the owners is he not?? Therefor, he is Only doing what all employees do, ( if you want to keep your job?) whatever his boss tells him to do. I could be wrong, but if he told his billionaire boss's they are (the) idiots for doing this lockout, he would be fired ASAP.

    Right or wrong, for the NHL, or for selfish reasons, the lockout is being done by the Owners, Not Bettman.

    Now this is just my opinion, I don't really like or not like any NHL administrative employee so don't be hating on me as some kind of Bettman lover, he could be any guy in a suit that I could not care less about.
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    Not as long as there is Canada. Really the NHL should never have been moved to New York, and a Lawyer/Lawyers that have never played the game should not have been allowed near the commissioner's office. We've now had two of the morons.

    Clarence Campbell popping his clogs, and the NHL office moving to New York, was the TSN Turning Point for the NHL. It's never been the same since.

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    I completely agree with mooneyes comments.

    Also. I'm tired of the people who don't like Buttman. He is a show by himself, what a great actor.

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    I'm just tired of "No Hockey".

    A good commissioner provides Hockey.

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    Bettman doesn't "just take orders from the board". If he did, Jacobs would just do it himself. Bettman has a job to do and it's not a delivery-boy. The NHL stands behind him because they hired him, not because he does what they want. He gets what they want. His methods, they couldn't care less about. The problem is that he uses lockouts as a bargaining chip, not a last resort. The owners don't care because they'll eventually get what they want in the long term.
    The guy is a weasel, plain and simple. He stood up in front of everyone and said, "You can't blame me that this wasn't done in the summer because summer is over." Not because it wasn't his fault no negotiations happened, not because of scheduling conflicts or anything. We can't complain he didn't do anything before because before is over and it's now and complaining about before does nothing. Make no mistake, if Bettman wasn't in that position, NHL wouldn't stand for No Hockey due to Lockouts.

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