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    BLOW SALE!!!! Everything must go

    Hello everybody, i'm going to take a break from cards for awhile. That means I'd like to sell everything I currently have. Please check my football & baseball buckets and let me know if you would like to buy anything? I will also consider trading for HOF Raiders gu & autos. I will reply to all request through PM.


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    roethlisbergr gu
    blount gu
    brady impact
    jeter topps

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    Prices on:

    Vernon Davis
    Christian Ponder

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsanchez68 View Post
    dusenole, PM sent
    Dont see anything in inbox

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    curious as to what you were looking for on the mattingly jersey card?
    Primarily adding to my Don Mattingly collection. Also looking for Mickey Mantle, Atlanta Falcons, and whatever else catches my eye...
    bucket (not much but something for someone): Hidden Content

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