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    Have $1000 to spend on a case, what will bring me the best return??

    i am looking to purchase a case of basketball cards and spend $1000. i will be selling all the cards on ebay and wondering what will bring me the best return? i was looking at buying 12/13 hoops cause of the 2 years worth of rookies but that product doesn't seem to have many high selling autos. what do you guys think??

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    Go ahead and give it a try but it is no guarantee that you will make a profit let alone break even.
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    Basically nothing. Your best is investing money in singles.

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    probably fleer retro boxes or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jordan23 View Post
    Basically nothing. Your best is investing money in singles.
    Agreed, the chances of you getting a box(s) and making your money back selling the hits are not good at all. If you spent the whole grand buying boxes, you might make money one 1 or 2. Ur best bet is to buy singles that way you get want you want

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    buying a case to resell all the cards is ridiculous,you will make money doing that 1/10,000 times or less. Also that gamble only works when buying really expensive boxes.

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    You have to buy singles, get them on players with potential, easiest way to make more money.

    Honestly buying a good Anthony Davis card is well worth it, his prices are dropping and I know once he gets back on the court he will show everyone he's the real deal.

    Damian Lillard is very expensive but maybe u can find a good deal, if you can't go to Kyrie Irving, he's injured and prices have dropped.

    Some other players I like for potential.....

    Drummond, Singler, E'Twawn Moore, Valenciunas,

    those are some players that can bring in big time money cause they have a chance to explode.

    Oh yea, Chandler Parsons rookie cards are really hot, but gotta find good deals. BUY SINGLES, if you want buy a box of gold standard or something to suffice for the exhiliration of opening a pack, but spending it on a case is just absurd, you will more than likely only be able to cover half to two thirds of your money.

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    imo buying singles is the only way you will not wasted your $1k. buy one nice jordan autograph will be ok

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    Wish i had that much to spend lol ... Like everyone said i'd go with singles...that way you can pick your favorite players... opening packs is pretty fun though.

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