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    WTB 2012-13 Forever Rivals Gold base cards.Down to just 3.

    I am looking to buy the following 2012-13 ITG Forever Rivals gold base cards.I will pay full BV or if you have both I will pay full BV plus add a $10.00 bonus for finishing my set.PLMK by PM if you can help.
    I will also trade for them if you have any I need.If you are working on the gold sets as well I can trade gold base for gold base.If you have the two that I need I could trade you 3X what you have for me.For example.If you have the Recchi I can trade you 3 that you need for your set(if I have 3 that you need).I do have a quite a few doubles.PLMK.Thanks.

    2012-13 Gold Base Needed:

    2012-13 ITG Forever Rivals #4 Aurel Joliat
    2012-13 ITG Forever Rivals #43 Mark Recchi
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    TTT once again.PLMK

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    Quote Originally Posted by trueblueTMLfan View Post
    I have one you need...

    A PM has been sent.Thanks.

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    Picked up one more.Now just need two.PLMK

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    Still need these last two cards.PLMK.

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    Still looking for these two cards.PLMK.

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