Poll: Who wins 2012 MVP?

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    Who do you think wins the 2012 NFL MVP?

    Who you got (at least up through now)? Why?

    I just put a few guys who could be considered "front runners" so feel free to throw another name in the ring...


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    Gotta be Peyton Manning. Coming back from an injury, switching teams, and he still is 5th in yards, 2nd in TDs, 3rd in passer rating and leading the Broncos towards a first round bye in the playoffs and helping them be (in my opinion) the top contender for winning the Super Bowl.
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    I think Peyton and Peterson should be Co-MVP's. I hope, but I am biased.

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    My initial thought is RGIII, but then I thought they might not give it to a rookie. Of course, we never thought they'd give a Heisman to a freshman either...

    My vote went to Peterson. It's just unreal what he did coming back of that injury that was so devastating and running better than he ever has before. It would be one thing to do it on a team where the offense is balanced, but on a team where you are practically the entire offense, it's impressive that he still dominates when every defense has 1 goal: Stop AP.
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    Tom Brady, the only thing against him is he doesn't have a narrative like Peterson or Manning.
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    I am the lone vote for Andrew Luck so far. The team gutted the roster, a roster that went 2-14, brought in rookies at TE, not much help beyond Reggie Wayne, are using Vick Ballard as their starting RB, have nothing on D besides Robert Mathis and sometimes Darius Butler, and the kid has led this team to a 9-4 record, with SIX of those wins 4th quarter/OT comebacks?!

    Yeah, he throws picks, but he will also shatter 4,000 yards, leads the team in RUSHING touchdowns with 5, and has made guys like Donnie Avery and T.Y. Hilton look good. Sounds to me a bit like a younger, more mobile version of his predecessor, and that seemed to work out OK too...

    I have to put Peyton as #2, because his team is going back to the playoffs and the stat line is business as usual for him, with AP coming in at #3. When they load 9 men in the box, Ponder is your QB, with no Percy Harvin, and you lead the league by over 300 yards in rushing, on pace for almost 2K... sheesh. With all due respect to Tom Brady, I have him 4th right now just because his narrative is... well... the same. He's damn good. His numbers are great. They Pats are winning. I've seen this before... His numbers aren't Randy Moss-season eyepopping, and their record isn't leading the league. So yeah, 4th, for what could be, in any season, an MVP year.

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    I think you make a valid point about Luck. I hadn't really looked at numbers, but the Colts D has not improved much (25th last year, 23rd this year) and their running game haas only slightly improved (26th last year, 22nd this year), so the difference between a 2-14 team last year and the 9-4 team of this season really has been Luck.

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    I respect what Luck has done, but its going to be Payton Manning or AP. Brady's looking in. If the Viks make the Playoffs then AP for sure. Thats the only thing holding him back, but if he hits that 2000 yd make then how could you not give it to him. Luck has thrown to many INT, but Rookie of the year for sure. Manning will win comback player hands down. We really won't know for a couple more weeks. It depends on If NE wins homefeild advantage. We got a close one this year!!!!! last 100 meters and we got a sprint to a photo finish.

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    why does coming back from an injury make a player more valuable than another player. that's what the come back player of the year award is for. not sure that factor should be considered but that's just me.

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