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Thread: Cactus League in person

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    Cactus League in person

    heading down to cactus league this year anyone have any in person advice? Trying to get Kemp and Pujols.

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    That's not advice. Geez guys... Anyways my only advice, from my little ST experience is to find out the split squads in advance, if you can. I got burned last year on that. Pretty amateur advice. Sorry.

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    I've read they sign well during practice. I hear Pujols is very tough and so is Kershaw. I've never been so i couldn't vouch for any if that. Most say to stick with a team and you learn their patterns.

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    Kemp signs during the season. So, i would think he signs during ST. The players are more accessable during ST. So, I think you will be good on Kemp. As far as Pujols, the one time I went to Jupiter it was early in ST and I never saw him.
    Good Luck and let us know how you do

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    Hey Cyber

    I've got several Pujols items. I'd be willing to trade something for the right deal. Shoot me a PM if your interested. I've heard he's very tough IP...

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    Kemp is easy IP. I got him twice in CBP.

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    Yeah kemp always seems to rack @ CBP, yet I never make it to the games where he signs.

    gysot, I'll see how I do getting him first. He was a tough nut to crack at hotels in philly, but I'll try ST.

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    Dude you will love it down there! I went last year got Ichiro,Kemp,Trumbo and AT least 65 other graphs (In 6 games). Hope you do well!
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