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    3 Packs of All Time Greats... Auto's /45... /7.. and /4

    Hey so I did 3 boxes of All Time Greats... great price for it at my local shop...

    anyways here is the damage

    first up the Base /99 and /65 and /35

    A group of /10 parallels... decient names and not bad for 3 packs...






    Comments are appreciated and all is available.

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    Holy crap! How much is a pack of this stuff? Those are some insane pulls! Congrats!

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    It's around $400+ a pack. Only 20 athletes signing in the product.

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    Oof, way out of my, sweet hits!

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    Yeah I have to admit I would keep the Tyson for my PC just to have it!!

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    Not bad at all! Nice mix from a bunch of sports!

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