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Thread: High Ends FT

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    High Ends FT

    ive got high ends ft for any high end rc's or young stars sets i like are:
    the cup rc /99
    dominion /99 players i want: sequin,rnh,landeskog,hodgson,turris,schwartz,girou x,stamkos,tavares,duchene etc..........
    ice /99
    young guns hg /10
    Spx rc patch /25
    Bd rookies /100 and /10

    what i have: pm me an offer if u have any of these cards from sets i mentioned, and ill send u scan of card
    RNH 3 CLR FWAP bv500
    ZIBANEJAD/FILATOV THE CUP SHIELD im guessing around 400-600 * no bv
    RNH TITANIUM RC /93 bv350
    *only pm me if u have my wants thanks you

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    I'm still interested in the Zibanejad / Filatov dual shield.
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